Bren Murphy

Hi, my name is Bren. My home is full of crystals – but my particular favourite is amethyst. I have a collection of crystals but I mainly now collect spheres. There’s something about the clean spherical beauty of  a sphere of amethyst, or citrine, or rose quartz…

The reason I came to be with crystals in my life is from a longing to understand more about myself and my personal journey. After a series of life coaching and personal growth experiences, I found myself in running long distances and practising yoga on a daily basis. I even went to choosing a plant based diet and stepping away from traditional society things like commuting to work.

Now, I work from home and run along the beach most days and practice a yoga lifestyle. And, of course, my crystals are always around me. There is something to be aid about the faith and belief of having crystal energy in your life.

That’s why I started the worldwide crystals directory. I wanted to help you – and others – be found and find each other in a safe, non judgemental environment.

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I’m happy to offer a free link exchange. Please follow these 3 simple steps.

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Crystals Directory

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Goals of Crystals Directory

Honestly, I’m hoping we will build a lifetime directory featuring Crystal Collectors, Crystal Miners, Crystal Suppliers, Crystal Businesses, Crystal Enthusiasts and Crystal Practitioners.
Everything Crystals across the world. Whether you’re big or small or on one side of the globe or the other – you’re welcome to join.

Please note I am offering the substantial discount of $5USD per lifetime membership until June 30 2020 only.